Sunday, May 27, 2007

"The Conductor"

The basoon stands erect waiting
Cymbals lay in wait
Violas and Cellos stare him down
For what they will create
Violins are ready to attack him
At the raising of his hand
The commander shall appear momentarily
Bringing to life the band
Will they be playing a waltz today
Kettle drums look to xylophones
The oboe is resting silently
Deep down you can hear its moans
Maybe it will be a concerto this time
The symphony waits
Maestro makes them impatient
To see what he creates
He is the master who brings them together
The woodwinds meet the brass
The grand piano shines brightly
Its surface as smooth as glass
He approaches the stage
The instruments stir
All is silent and well
Waiting for his hand to rise up
The audience begins to swell
When it is finished there is rest
The sea returns to placid reform
Long after the silence nobody knows
There is still a raging storm
Within the conductor
He tries to wind down
Inside he is satisfied ever so mildly
Thinking of the next time around
When he will cause the music to flow
In his place that only he can know

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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