Sunday, May 6, 2007


Hey your lookin' pretty good with that hat on;
And that smile on your face;
I like that look it really suits you;
Somehow I know you are agressive for your age;
Imagination places you on top of me;
Looking down you will say;
Aha old man now what will you do;
You have come to my town unannounced;
Now you are my prisoner;
To do with as I please;
You will write a poem for me each day;
Or I will not let you up from your place;
On top of me you say;
Why do you think I chose you;
Old men would not know what to do with it;
Even when offered;
But they contemplate greatly;
I will tap into your wisdom;
After you are drained;
I will cast you aside;
Like a vampire does when there is no more blood;
Lay there passively mind you;
Do not let my outer beauty beguile you;
Inside me is a passion you will never see;
But I will draw pictures for you in your mind;
The mere insight will drive you insane;
Then you will write no more for me;
I will bury you under my floorboards;
Each night I will make love to your bones;
Reading what you have written for me;
You will hear and I will tell you about the moon;
Then you will know;
I truly loved you from the time I first saw your face;
This is why I have buried you close to me;

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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