Sunday, June 17, 2007


This maniacal cat
In my recurring dream
Follows me down the long river bank
Its shark like teeth,is it smiling
Or ready to make me its prey
It has a tail that wags at me
Is it just a tactic it uses
A ploy to get me to come closer
Or am I required to take a leap of faith
Into its awaiting jaws of death
Animals of different species are
Allowed to love eachother
But wherein can they make a home
It is the essense of all creation
Thankful for the chromosome
A monkey with the brain of a human
What would be thought of next
Eyes of eagles to see with better
Or the legs of horses for stamina without rest
Cave drawings upon walls reveal
The notions of men of old
This cat continues to haunt my dreams
Its calculating eyes which appear so cold
Next time I dream of it maybe I will offer a fish
Will it ask for a serpent instead
If it were not immersed in water
In vinegar as its liquid in which to thrive
Would it request a drink of water
To soothe its ailing head
Does it ponder the images
That appear in dirty clouds
I ponder its very existence
The effects it would have on the crowds
Who would peer at it through dark glasses
And revile it until extinction was achieved

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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