Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Personal Secrets"

There is no rest with this woman
I don't sleep in much when at home
Her pet bulldog doesn't like me that much
My job is 2600 miles away
This is like a hop and a skip away
At any time she might show up
She won't let me be lazy
Cheating on her
Who in their right mind would
She is good to me
But she loves her camera more
Every three months I go home
But I send money home every week
Guess I need to be motivated
That scowl on her face
It is only on the outside
Inside there is a tender heart
But I don't let anyone know it
I'm sort of selfish when it comes to
Precious things which mean alot to me
So I tell the stories about her
And let them believe she is a mean woman
There is no other like her
It is that secret heart she has
It is that place in her mind that caresses me
Her words dance into my ears
They stay imprinted in my mind
She is the unique gift sent to me
By something greater than I
Although I believe in all she is
I will not let others know
If she dies in my heart
My heart will die as well
The bulldog really likes me
I don't want to be 2600 miles from home
I die a thousand deaths each night
Because I cannot hear her voice
Her soul haunts me
Her lips taunt me
I'm saying this to myself
Because I cannot let anyone know
This treasure is my secret refuge
Where I go to rest my head
And really I sleep in when I go home
And really I make her take long naps
With me and the bulldog in our bed

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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