Monday, June 18, 2007


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I forgot to ask you,
Are You A Dream?
And since I've not learned
how not to want you
I've had to learn, by waiting,
how to wait.

I cling to expectancy.

Listen to my story when I hold you.
It will be whispered - a world
so full of detail, all of it so frail,
all of it for you.

And never lose the words
we make up. Write them
on your belly and let me read them
with my tongue and teeth.

And before we sleep
listen, in moonlight and breeze,
to the apples falling from the tree
outside our room,

when we have a room.


Derek said...

Hey Moses,

I saw your poem "Query" today and it's very nice and thoughtful. Just out of curiosity, how did you find that ravenous creature in the picture? She's really beautiful and I guess I can't blame you for writing about her. I'd love to know more about her if you wouldn't mind sharing what you know about her.

Is she your wife? Your girlfriend? If so, you're a lucky dude.

Moses said...

Don't know much other than I grabbed the image off of a random site and was impressed by the look on her face.It so impressed me to write the Ode that accompanies the image.
Unfortunately I do not know any of my subjects personally but it serves me best not to so I can write freely in what impresses me.Chances are my poetry about these subjects would be off target if analyzed in real life.