Sunday, July 15, 2007

"The Final Day"

Armageddon they said was upon us
Each day swiftly crept by
Nobody took heed to the warnings given
Not even a reluctant sigh
Thundering of the feet continued in the street
As pollution overcame
Stale air in the skies
Bacteria ladened waters
Syringes still in the sand
Dropping from the hand
That caused them to remain perpendicular
The need to feed being more immense
Than the ability to survive
Poppy fields still thrive
On this ledge I see the conglomeration
In the traffic thickly below
Thinking they will escape
Into what?
They do not see the terror in the sky
It will send them into obliteration
Falling short of any notion or goal
All will burn slowly like embers of coal
Including I as we all must die
For the sake of a few who hide
Deep in the mountains
Gluttons who thrive on careful rations
Endless movies at the taxpayers expense
Yet they will see no sun through tinted windows
For the blanket of smoke is dense
My unrealized youth is before me
Although I shall never see manhood
The role models of the day seemed even lesser than I
Alone upon this ledge there is peace of mind
Reluctance to depart shall soon come to pass
The terror in the sky draws me closer to the end
Unto a place which I must ascend

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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