Friday, December 5, 2008

"Central Park"

Walking in the park even in the rain
Outside noises fade into the breeze
We escape from the eyes of the city
Sheltered by the boughs of the trees
On occasion a bird will flutter
Yet it will not sing out its song
Upon the blackened branch it sits
In wrought for its plight so long
There are no shelters nearby
So much for urgency when walking in rain
Brisk winds that whip about the face
Yet there is no enduring pain
Our tapping heels upon the pavement
Neat rows of benches on either side
Cultures of people who are normally present
Across the concrete divide
A darkened sun holds back its rays
Clouds shade the skies innermost desire
A whispering wind can be heard
In this place that is filled with mire

© 2008 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Ann said...


Do you always write Poetry? I like your photos too.

Your photo of Central Park looked so different from the Central park I visited one June day with my family.

Thanks for following my site. In my other blog, I posted a few photos of that trip. There is one horse and carriage which I won't forget.