Thursday, March 26, 2009


Days go by in reasonable time
I write the songs and the words
An unkempt city far off in the distance
My notes are inspired by bluebirds
Who sing each morning after the rain
Paying no mind to my former self
Forgetting about all the pain
Of the place I was raised
All the daily hell
Off in the distance rang a church bell
God did not answer or come to my aid
Beatings endured in the shadows
In dreams such things would still invade
Sitting on the stoop just outside
Words came to me that soothed my soul
I had no mother to help console
Each day was dread to wake from sleep
Bitter in my own grief
My heart grew cold
Staring off into space
Until I could contain no more
My only friend-the strings of my guitar
Which I adore
Barbed wire and concrete walls
Keep me safe
Each day goes by just the same
Pain and fear no longer thrive
This to final judgement day I proclaim
Emancipation is finally mine
As I write the songs and the words
© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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