Friday, March 27, 2009

"Silent Room"

Meaningless clothespins that hang in a row
The drooping cord in a silent room
Hands that once touched them
Long gone over the horizon where once flowers bloomed
I used to make her necklaces from flowers
They always made her smile
She never told me those dandelions were only weeds
In that room where those clothespins still hang
I sat upon the chair and watched her
In that flower print dress
Dust particles filtered in sunlight
Her song could be heard
Then momentarily she would pinch her cheeks
In anticipation of her man
An airplane mechanic once
He had learned how to soar into the skies
Taking her with him
Into the heights beyond
Upon my own reflection
Those clothespins are not as meaningless
That is why they continue to hang in a row
As I look upon the wall

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

YICA said...

What an amazing imagination you have and just from clothespins. Bravo.