Thursday, April 2, 2009


Jeering voices which go unheard
Japed for our actions without favor
Our lungs aching with disbelief
The collective refusing to waiver
Incredulous in our convictions
Unable to change for anyone's sake
Words planted in our ears and minds
Did not cause us to quake
Many are the proud
Few are the humble
We beat our fists upon the walls
Closed doors and utter silence
No man is an island
Unto which he falls
No mercy shall be given
For this was something we never gave
Putrid odor emits from our place now
In the ensuing quave
Now we are looked upon with disdain
When the movement begins
No sun shall bring warmth to our bones
Wandering in the way as Beduins
We are found wanton
In the groaning of our inner pain
Realizing all has been said
Our voices and pleas now in vain

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


still thinking !!! said...

Lovely poem Sir.I truely believe in Rebel.But this world just makes me weep.

I will be happy if you take a look at my poem "Its all beutiful".I am sure youll get what I think.I truly believe is change,but its sad to see change makers are fake.I feel lonly most of the times.

CMS said...

I love the physicality of this poem that so strongly portrays an emotional state - fantastic.

Anonymous said...

My new friend,
I recently visited your wonderful site, and was incredibly inspired. Your images that day made my day.You have the ability to effect people by your wonderful photos and beautiful poetry.All of us who have had colorful lives know there is tremendous sadness at times in our lives as well, without this we could never grow. We can glimps at these troubled images, but never gaze into them... life is too short, happiness is always in reach. Abe Lincoln once said "If you look for the worst in someone you'll surely find it." So I hope more people will try to seek out the best, they will surely find it.
Keep up the great work,
Barb C.