Monday, March 8, 2010

"Midnight Calling"

Abandoned farms
Such places decay in the silence
Feint cries of the starving fox
Piercing arrows that fall
Amongst the tall pines
Under jealous skies peering
Far from the asphalt jungles
Corrugated doors of steel
Once locked down
Are as closed eyes slumbering
Condensation upon the concrete
Serve as the artificial tears
Banging within the hollows
As if to represent thunder in some way
Only magnifies the madness
I am sure the skies there are just as blue
The sun is just as bright
The stars and moon shine as always
But I am the wandering man
Returning to the abandoned place
Yet it calls out in the still night
The rhythmic tantrum of tires upon the road
Painted lines upon the road pass by quickly
In the night
Its keen pull upon my heart strings
As though it were a tugging of the reins upon a steed
So is the hart upon the grassy plains
Whose desire to return to the safety of its den
Just one single tear falls upon my cheek
As I fight back the tremendous flow
From within
They are not tears of sadness
Bur rather in anticipation of the spark
Which ignites the flicker within the flame

~Moses Lestz~
© 2010 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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