Friday, April 9, 2010


We found him on a mountaintop
Many years ago
Frozen in a block of ice
Buried deep in snow
We thawed him out
Then gave him food
Hoping he would change his mood
He only grunted
Then stared at us in silence
Soon it came time to leave
We decided to take him along
Giving him a name-Bruno
Dressing him in a thong
Next day came and we were home
New York City here we come!
Bruno looked at all those lights
Smiling at everything
Next Sunday we took him to Times Square
We gave him Rum to drink
After five quarts he'd had enough
Now he lays there on the sidewalk
Barely does he wink
Occasionally he grunts a bit
Refusing to depart
Onlookers go about their business
As Bruno lays there on the sidewalk
Oblivious as a fart

© 2010 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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