Friday, April 16, 2010

"Humble Bird"

On this dreary day
I cry in the rain
To help me forget
The inner pain
Upon these rooftops
Engulfed in shadows
Far from the scent
Of flowers in meadows
In my observance of these
Nimble towers in concrete
Domes of glass which
Reflect in light
It is dimmed by the rain
Upon the solemn window pane
From places within
Where nobody peers out
Into the street
Where the struggle moves forward
Amidst the sirens
The complaint of trees
Swaying in the wind
Their branches seem to speak
Yet nobody bothers to listen
Upon my place I see it all
An evasive sun refuses to glisten
Amongst the commotion
Delirium sets in quickly
It can be seen in the pace
Of those who walk the avenues
Stumbling over the pathways
That which seem to lead nowhere
Except where it all begins and ends
To this I say:
Fluttering in this wind
With these tired feathers
I caress the air
Touching the sky as far as I may go
The wind shall moan
Acknowledging my presence
Giving way unto my wings

© 2010 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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