Thursday, July 12, 2007

"The Hall of Greatness"

The Flower Dream Spiral is almost a forgotten thing;
I have gone beyond the colorless Tree of Life;
And passed through the Lake of Reflections;
The Temple of Shadoveh and even Tarrogen;
Have fled having seen the Smokeless Fire;
Although the notes of music in bliss are with me;
I am found wanton and fear is in the way;
Ocosomemuh and Yatoquemark have passed this purging;
And cannot pass through it again with me;
This is the merging point where I will be made;
Quigleanamos hovered near me but now he must flee;
He awaits me at the cornerposts of my columns;
Although I do adore this great hall;
I am now in the presence of the Roving Eye;
In the great hall of the Checkerboard of Fates;
And before me all awaits;
The place of creation amongst all the spheres;
I am trembling within but I have no tears;
The Roving Eye is yet turned away;
The process of assignments has been put into motion;
From suns to moons to stars to skies;
I am in likeness to an insignifigant plankton in the ocean;
The Smokeless Fire awaits the call;
They are the recording djin's with each record of fate;
I continue to tremble within this hall of the Mighty and of the Great;

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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