Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Until there is nothing left"

People may come and people may go
They make an appearance for many a reason
To fill a need or offer assistance
And when their purpose has been fullfilled
Something is said or is done-
It was good while it lasted
They are no longer a godsend
But have become a burden like a millstone
Others may appear and they may teach
Some may even preach but when
they have done their work its time to go
To take the visions and what was learned
To apply them is the very purpose
And why people may come and go
They have come full circle and clearly
Understand the road is long and true
And there are things they must do
Another person has made request
Its energy has been set into motion
Do not bind them or muzzle them
like an ox that treads out corn
That is not the purpose of their birth
Or the reason why
They freely chose to mingle with the mirth
And know how to say goodbye
Why dont you also know the same-is this a game?
Instead you are laying upon the steps
With your hair in a frenzy
Over something that was not yours to have
A gourd has been placed upon your head
And you are angry for it
Until the worm smites the gourd
And causes it to wither in the wind
All for naught like Jonah concerning Ninevah
You have taken the giant flask
filled with sweet wine and given to you upon the steps
The gift at your request-you dont want it anymore
Now that its been given and its task performed
The flask of sweet wine has been emptied and replaced
You have filled the flask with bitter sorrows
This is the reaction to the requested gift
Now the critics appear to grade the performance
Of an act that is not their own
Thank you's go out to all those who bought a ticket
Please make any changes to the script
Until the fiber from my remaining soul has been stripped

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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