Monday, May 7, 2007

"Deep Wounds"

Restraint applied to hands
Damaged much like my soul
Sleeveless shirts are not an option
Those deep wounds which are now
Scars upon me mark
My inner voice and spirit
Know what makes me tick
That unrelenting pressure
Must somehow escape
I sit within the rows of corn
Crows inhabit the trees
Down low I must go
To avoid the putrid breeze
Unseen in the stalks that grow
Life goes on with or without me
Bruised bodies and minds
Cosmetically arranged
Camouflage to stifle the masses
Whom their selves are deranged
Drawn lines by those
Who determine where sanity ends
I project my actions of the past
Upon the wall for all to see
None of them can agree
Which chapters give them erections
Yet their foul mannered minds
Consider in all directions
What chink in the armor
Displays my inner weakness
In darkness I abide
Knowing full well about hell
How kindness is mistaken
As that weakness
Which in their wild imaginations
They seek to exploit
Catch me if you can assholes
But look yourself in the mirror
That is if you can look directly into your eyes
Looking down deep into the abyss
In observance of that which dies
There is nothing here for you
Look to yourselves for a quickening
Project your own images upon the wall
It is you then who will fall
In your shameless state of vanity
To keep you in accepted sanity
By others who you call brothers
Like Skulls and Bones
In overtones
Hiding in the shadows
Not in the clear
What makes you so different
From my own fear
Yet I sit in these rows of corn
With hands securely bound
Protected not from myself
But from being found
Wanton in the way with idle hands
Walk on you soldiers of fortune
In unwelcome lands
Judge me and give me a label
If that makes you feel stable
I am laughing inside
My smile is wide
This is why I secretly abide
Within my own self
Protection is needed sorely
Until you have wandered away

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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