Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"The Nature of Her Eye"

It was within that nature of her eye
That first beheld me so
On that sandy beach she slumbered
She was found wanton
Sand mingled with perspiration
Her pungent musk perceived
Derived from elements
Strangely enough it draws me
Such grains of sand upon her face
They speak to me quietly
The mind meld occurs
Only up to certain points
The buoy bell is heard offshore
I know my place and my boundaries
Its distraction reminds me
This figment of my imagination
Merely a vision of the mermaid
Who rested upon the shore
It is no wonder she does not speak
Within the scope of my vision
Her iris speaks a thousand words
Standing on cold slats beneath my feet
They protect me from her burning coals
The vibration of the heart pounds
It is not my heart that ponders
In rythmic response to the bell
I cast her out into the ocean
Returning her to the place
From whence she first approached
Grains of sand are washed away
Returned to their origins
Only the image of her eye remains
As she descends to her home
Deep within the oceans of time

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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