Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Invisible Death"

My death actually occured long before
Physical death came to me
I did not care to hear
I did not care to see
Words fell upon my ears
Events occured around me
I chose to block them out
My tongue only graced others ears
In necessary communication
Life seemed to be a constant variable of
Each day brought more of the same
My burial incomplete in my daily toil
I died peacefully enough as it was
Never awakening to life around me
When the time came to arise in the morn
There was no response from me
Although I still rise each day and go on
With the trudgery
Not much difference I suppose
Nobody notices me at all and it's alright
I don't notice them either
Something must be missing in me
Or is something missing in them
Never quite seemed to figure that part out
As I wait patiently for the bus
Am I supposed to or is it expected of me to move on
What is the sensibility of moving on
More buses to catch I suppose
People living life around me
Hoping it is different for them than it is for me
There has to be more to life than what it was
A small child sat next to me on the bus once
I imagined happiness
Then I wanted to steal the love away
Until I remembered to shut my eyes
Keeping silent

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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