Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Lonely Flight"

My pelican roams this pier
He is a fearsome ruler
Of waves and winds
Planks beneath his feet
Mere stepping stones
He rests upon them
Taking another flight
Before the storm pelts him
Old and wise like the fisherman
Biding his time in wait
He will read the clouds
Bowing gracefully to stronger forces
Passing him by in streams
Air that he cannot hope to prevail
He looks up to me from the planking
Hoping the get his mackarel
It is neatly tucked away in my pocket
I want to see his anticipation
Steadily rocking in his knees
His head bowed with eyes looking up
He knows he will get his fish
Closer he moves speaking to me
With his feet and his feathers
The time has come-he has had enough
He watches as I go into my pocket
Oblivious to the procession of clouds
Waves slapping up against the bracings
Faster than lightning he accepts my gift
Now he will dissapear and leave me
Once again I am alone standing on the pier
Watching the waves return to shore
He will not come back today
The storm approaches and the wise pelican knows
It is time to seek shelter to keep from broken wings

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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