Wednesday, June 13, 2007


These moments are cherished
He is able to be a boy
Through his eyes I am able
To live it within my own self
My childhood which was spent in thinking
Is suspended for now
Some day he will leave the guiding hand
Dissapearing over a horizon
To live a life of his own
Completion will be his trophy
And he will be spared the drama
Hopefully I say this
That he will choose the right path
Not the one I chose at first
Once the train begins to move
Momentum pushes it forward
The only method of escape
In the aftermath luckily there are
Only minor bruises and contusions
Wounds never seemed to heal completely
In myself I say
The scars on occasion flare up in rememberance
It takes a boy on a bike to quell them
Or in the event
Someone else's boy on a bike
Because I know and have learned well
Nothing is to be taken for granted
I am not the one to question things
Taken from me momentarily
In the rocking in which I abide and dwell
Enveloping me in its entirety from
Sun to moon to stars

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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