Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Cutter's Dream"

Beauty was not in the flower of my eye
It was nowhere to be found
Amongst the thorns in my heart
Light emanated through my window
Turning to darkness
Before it reached me
Simple scars in discreet places
Each one like an epitaph
Upon my soul
Recollections bring it to life
As though the cuttings were anew
Fresh blood flows once again
Down my arms and into my mind
Salt from my sweat stings
Ebbing into the wounds
Reminding me that they are still there
Unwilling to vacate their places
Chaining me to myself
So that I many not ascend
Unto places where they cannot exsist
Hear the crying that is deep
My words are concealed
Hidden from prying eyes
Who would only cause more pain
In well meaning phrases
Showing me that they have no faith
In what I am able to do
Rather than to lift me up
Their words are the same
As if they caused the wound to appear
From the time it was born
Unto my heart and unto my soul
There are places where words
Do not exist
That is what I want;
To go and find my beauty
If there is a path
To take me from my rath
That I keep within me
To quench the tears that flow

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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