Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Maiden of Lonliness-Part 1"

She reaches out to open space
Calling for the silent voice
When the call is answered
There is no response by choice
Although its presence was summoned
Now that it is here
The Maiden of Lonliness buries her head
Fighting back each tear
Four walls a ceiling and a floor
The silence is death defying
Many words are beneath her breath
In phrases underlying
Concealed in the many words
Anger is suppresed
Refusal to accept the inevitable
To recognize the blessed
It is a cold heart than reigns
Within the inner pains
The inner wall is very tall
Barred is the way to the entrance
Still there is the still small voice
Impleading in its own way
Until comes the end of the day
When night is falling it becomes appalling
Laying in the bed soaked with tears
Fighting with all the inner fears
The eyes going to and fro
Searching,thinking what makes it so
Thrashing in the very mind
Unable to find escape or release
Thighs on fire unattended
There can be no peace for thoughts to cease
Answers given are rejected mostly
From that summoned voice
Although acceptance is greatly desired
It is made by choice
The Maiden of Lonliness still hangs on
Wanting to harken beyond her walls
Wanting to trust in her own disgust
Needing someone to catch her if she falls
But she will not fall
Lonliness knows no true friend

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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