Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Two Sisters"

Sasha and Nina work in the center
Of the three rings under the Big Top
Today before work they get their shower
While I set up the ring with their prop
Later on I'll go down to see them
All fourteen of them standing so spry
They raise their trunks and wave to me
Sometimes I sing them a lullaby
From one foot to another they dance to the tune
Under the sky as I begin to croon
I have a lousy voice and they probably know it
But they don't really care
They like it when I talk to them like people
As long as I'm not elsewhere
I stroke their hides and scratch their ears
As they look for a pile of dust
The tack is out nearby their harness
Ready to mount them I trust
We still have some time before the show
Saturday they must do two
One more day in this lonely town
Before we will start out anew
Another distance we will all travel
To another lonely town
It's just another place on the map
As the sun creeps steadily down
Soon there will be the coolness of night
Sawdust flies in the breeze
I know by their gestures they are ready to go
Just like the flying trapeze
Another day-another dollar
Working close by with my friends
This is the life that I dearly love
In hopes that this all never ends

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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