Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Departure of the Magpie"

There is nothing left of my hands anymore
The bones have been broken to powder
Fingers that are twisted into ugliness
Memories of stale corn chowder
I stare out my window at the ferris wheel
A skeleton of something that was
The institutional styled windows filtering in sunlight
In a way that light in trickery does
While the general crowd marches to the tune
There are but a few who choose a different path
In rebellion standing in the gap
The regular crowds sense our rath
The broken boned hands are looked upon
It is but a badge worn out of reluctant disgust
When all the crows are made to fall into line
The magpie does not trust
It is upon the roof on its own
Mending its broken bone
Planning its departure when it heals
Not caring what the rest of the flock feels
Let them fall in line and love disgrace
They have let those demons enter in through the back door
It will follow them down the road for years
Until the hauntings from days of yore
Particles of dust that float in the air
To the great halls in the dormitory of fears
Soon comes the days of the ending of ways
And no more shall you see the endless tears
Of the innocent lambs taken to the slaughter
Wherefore they are used as meat
To fill the stomachs of a stench filled room
A bloody act in endless repeat
I am going down the road away from it all
My bones have been broken beyond repair
My heart has been smashed-my mind raped
But I am not in despair
That ferris wheel has given me hope
I shall seek it out in the hail and the rain
The death wish is replaced in my escape
As I hop on the railroad train

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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