Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Hobo Dream"

Another day under the sun
I'm on my way again
Grab ahold of the boxcar rungs
I hear the sound of the solitare wren
It sings to me each time I go
I hear it on the train
Rumbling over the rails listening
To the patter on the rooftop of rain
The sun is about four o'clock on high
By noon tommorow I'll be
Somewhere in the state of Wyoming
Sleeping under a tree
The night will come and I will make fire
Perhaps an old dog will pass my way
Together we'll eat some venison jerky
And enjoy the warmth of the coals in decay
Then a few logs more on the dying fire
As I stare into the fire with my gaze
My old friend the stray dog asleep
I think of the latter days
Of riding the rails with familiar friends
To the next place where the carnivals exsist
Another day-another way
Where time is never missed
It rolls on like the railroad train
All the faces are fixed in my mind
And I am inclined to leave behind
The discarded memories that someone will find
Written words on paper made on a whim
Or written upon the boxcar walls
A good tasting cigarette is upon my lips
As I listen to the distant calls

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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