Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Sleeping Dogs"

Spectrums of color intensely present
In the prism of a vortex in the dream
I see the world in black and white
Through the eyes of the Sephardim
Their interloping ways are reality
That live in the first Five Books
The world is Midrash-food for thought
Diversity exsists between
Millionaires and common crooks
Though both come from the same mold
One stands in the corner while the other is bold
Faces upon faces are in wireframe
Every town starts to look the same
Markers on roads from the year before
The hungry dog beckons at your side
He is frail compared to the toys on the shelf
There he sits with eyes opened wide
Somehow he knows that you will take him
Down the road that is ahead
For this town will soon be an after thought
Just another place on a map that is dead
It's a one shot deal and I never look back
I don't care about any feedback
I work from my pocket and hustle in the street
To hear the pounding of the many feet
The faces look all the same
Some are wild-some are tame
Some are sad and in despair
Some are looking for a way to deter
Islands of happiness mixed into the mist
Refusal to accept that they do exsist
Step right up and see what you get
I've just traveled two thousand miles
From down in New Orleans I came up
I'm a gypsy man who reconciles
I am one with the road that goes
Nothing can stop me-not even woes
Of the many who want to feel the juice
The electricty that emanates in the light
Standing in the street and feeling the beat
Knowing that everything will be alright
Just like the dog who sleeps at my feet
His belly is full in his slumber
He already knows his place in the action
All are assigned a number
It might be old Route 66
Or highway 41
No question about star crossed roads
Until we are completely done
At the many cross roads where I see the faces
Eyes that probe me so deep
I have so many miles yet to go
And so many promises that I must keep

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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