Monday, July 9, 2007

"Annual Premonitions"

Don't know if my ear
Will listen to words that may be said
It's been well over a year
Suns have set,moons have risen
Many horizons have come and gone
Dusk has brought forth new visions
Of days bygone unto the dawn
All it takes is two steps forward
For me to make the call
The effort clearly for someone dearly
But can I scale the wall
If I could send a carrier pigeon
To send my message there
Surely it would would be set free
Or would be given care
It would be sent out to flight
Upon its wings of grace
To touch the clouds and feel the wind
To know the suns embrace

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Josie said...

I love your poems. I enjoyed "Hide and Seek". And "Annual Premonitions".