Monday, July 9, 2007

"On the farm"

In Illinois down on my farm
Perched on a hill by my house
There is a view that none can surpass
This is my claim to espouse
On a summer day when crickets are chirping
With many clouds in the sky
I try to make out the faces in clouds
As birds occasionally fly
While I listen to the sound of the whippoorwill
Off in the distance of the trees
Deer graze in fields unconcerned
In the gentle summer breeze
Farms below me that dot the landscape
In silence of the time of day
A ruffled grouse vies for its mate
In the field by the trees that sway
Wild turkey down by the treeline
Unaware of my observation
It is in awe that I silently stare
At the wonder of all creation
As each day passes my appreciation
For the knowledge of which I am enhanced
Broader horizons of life in motion
Of the visions in which I am entranced
It is a greatful thing for me to live
The honor to participate
To leave my words for those who follow
In hopes they will appreciate
My words I bequeath unto them
As though my epitaph
My life was lived in constant change
On my own behalf
So that I might leave my words
For all to embrace

© 2006 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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