Friday, July 6, 2007

"In Rememberance Of The Latter Days"

Small town population
Eighty nine plus one
I'm the plus one who comes
And goes and is never done
The old Shell sign years ago
No longer stands
The station is gone as well
Weeds cover the concrete slab
Without prior knowledge
You could never tell
Of the place that stood there
Long ago
When gas cost pennies and all was swell
The town remembers to this day
I am the hooligan who to their dismay
Unplugged the letter on the old sign
Pete and I laughed in our truck
As we sat there and drank cheap wine
Out in the strip cuts we listened to music
On the old car radio as it played
We had renamed the town hell
In honor of the cavalcade
That roamed the street made of dirt
The folks in town were a bit stirred
Next night we plugged it back in
And thought it was a bit absurd
Still being funny our little joke
They still recall the time
There goes those two hooligans again
They commited the crime
Three decades have come and gone
We still bear the brunt and the blame
This old town never forgets
They still condemn us to shame

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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