Friday, July 6, 2007

"Littlle Sister"

Last night we talked past midnight
This morning I awoke-she took flight
Must had been before the dawn
She took my smokes and left me none
What am I to do with a sister like that
She is more aloof than my cat
Ahhh...she's nuts
What's the use the way she checks
Out people's butts
She's definetly a bit of a freak
Not like me at all-I'm a computer geek
Always shopping and on the run
More than one boyfriend at all times
She's never done
Resting up and taking a break is beyond her
When she finally moved to the city
Our parents rejected her ways
Refusing to take on any more pity
So when she showed up at my door
How could I say no
Or ask her not to stay and tell her to go
Nothing wrong with her that time won't cure
Until then I think I can endure
Her sometimes childish ways
Just around the corner are better days
She will have reached full bloom
In the meantime she has her own room
My place is open to her at all times
Until she realizes it's time to go
She better have some cigarettes
For me when she comes back
Then I will be the one to steal her pack

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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