Friday, May 4, 2007

"Residing Essence"

Centerfold the clinging octopi
Attracted to its natural eye
Content in slumber
There will be no meeting of the minds today
Perhaps it will happen at another time
He already knows my desire
Behind that eye is a working mind
Words do not have to exist
Something greater than spoken words
Travel through charged distances
Resonating within myself
His presence is greatly felt
I wait upon him patiently as is required
Not much to ask for something so desired
This moment suspended in peace
Contemplation sinks deeply
As to what will be communicated
The wisdom is apparent
Resting behind the ancient eye
Unclaimed treasure awaits
He will be as much my prisoner
As I will be his
In the end I will carefully lift him
From his place
Returning him to his ocean
Sensing his inner emotion
He will fade into the abyss
I will sorely miss
But his essence will reside
Within my mind as mine will also reside within his
He is the unwilling captive
I will not enslave him as others would do
He already senses this knowing
The call of his ocean is heard
Anxious plankton await his arrival
Remora always keep their distance
The Echeneididae will create no obstacle
Even they know he is the great untouchable
Who creeps below the waves

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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