Friday, May 4, 2007

"Silent Scream"

Ruffled sheets in between
A scream within
Paralyzed vocal chords
Her mouth goes through the motions
There are no magic potions
Nightmares abound year after year
Nothing prevents the fear
Creeping in that innocent sin
Forever holding accountable
Innocent lambs led to the slaughter
Occasional bleating but otherwise silent
Their trusting souls could it be too
Paralyzed in a dream
That soon becomes a nightmare
Fresh mutton is not worth its price
When I think of those eyes
The bleating cries
Beneath the wool into their skin
Of that innocent sin
Like laughter that belies outward grief
Speaking roughly to cover their inner gentility
It is no wonder they are immersed in apathy
Being led to the slaughter
It was what had always been expected
The useless void wherein rests the scream
A space between exhaling and inhaling
It is the pause where exile lives
Emotionless without feeling
Before its demons they are found kneeling
In strict lines each waiting their turn
From this there is nothing left to commit
The still voices in the aftermath
Paralytic in the midst of unsolicited rath
They die in vain without much notice
Burying the crimes commited against them
Secretly they die in their own pain
The ruffled sheets are folded neatly
The voice which could not speak
Is heard from no more

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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