Friday, May 4, 2007

"Rolling Stone"

Skies are baby blue today
Clouds are cotton white
I'm traveling down Route 66
In constant motions flight
This endless road will never vanish
Its ghosts still much alive
Memories of the old drive in theatre
Which shall never revive
My wheels come to a halt
Long enough to ponder
Where was it I started this journey
When did I start to wander
What was it I was looking for
Wherein were my hopes to find
That elusive spark in my frontal lobe
That floundered in my mind
Was it hiding at the picture show
Or in other places I must go
The pull of its force tugging me along
The sense of its lonely song
Somewhere in that mire was joy
Was this just a senseless ploy
Cruel tricks play games in my head
Mean demons who will not remain dead
Perhaps my spark is in New Orleans
Or it is to be found along the way
Is it is some strange womans breast
Who I will meet some day
It may reside around the corner
Or down the road aways
Under a Big Top tent of the circus
Or in the elephant that plays
Raw canvas and hemp rope
Blood and sweat
Cold unrelenting fears
How far will my search take me
In a lifetime of years filled with tears

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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