Thursday, June 28, 2007

"The Forest of Darkness"

Realization came early on
Only a thin membrane between
From here to there in this dark forest
Travel to my place was most common
Amid the shining eyes of nameless ones
They rarely spoke with just an ancient stare
Wolves and other beings inhabit this place
In the darkened cavities they cower
In fear of those who walk with power
Energies that work folly in their presence
Those with wooden staffs walk softly
Staying clear of those who walk between
One reality and their places in which they roam
It is in this dark place that I inhabit at times
Safely tucked away in a resting place
Solitude is possible
All others who enter may not touch me
They can only enter my mind when allowed
In the instant of a snapping they must flee
When the ferryman comes to take me back
To the other side where I sometimes abide
Space is provided wherever I choose to be
Whether it be negative space
Whether it be positive space
The maze opens at both ends
Its color is chosen and called in time
Within this existence thoughts are gathered
Shadows within are forcibly taken out
Revealing the hidden secrets
Rushing spirits are in fear of this
It drives their energy further into the forest
The forest of darkness and thorns

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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