Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Ode to the Oblate of Mary Immaculate"

(The secret circus boy who was a priest)

When Robert was a little boy
Small animals seemed to come his way
There he would tend to their needs and wounds
With nothing more to say
A bird with a broken wing
Soon it would be able to fly
A dog sore with infection healed
With no animal ever questioning why
They seemed to know his inner feelings
Small Robert the boy of quiet
Sure that God had sent them his way
To fill their daily diet
As one knows bread is not cast
Upon waters which comes back void
This yearning in his heart ached
For that which he enjoyed
Whenever an animal had a need
But soon had cause to expire
He felt this urge to say some words
From whence he would inspire
Such words came like a silent calling
In his pride he felt he was falling
An uplifting hand seemed to come from above
Somewhat of an unfamiliar love
Yet he accepted this as the yearning in his heart which ached
The call of the circus deep in his bones
Calling to him in overtones
Visions of the Big Top and the way of the elephant
High wire acts and the towns
His need to feed he found out were the people
Turning to smiles from their frowns
This aching in his silent heart not yet fully known
Then a voice had come to him
To show what he had sown
This calling came from higher authority
Of a power he had only dreamed
The desire to live a life in the circus
Was not the aching that had seemed
The voice called out and he listened
To this message that brightly glistened
It was his calling to enter a different phase
One of grace and work to last his days
He shared with his students that very zeal
Bishop Newman High
Teaching Theology and words of Latin
Never questioning as to why
For he was from the old school
Traditional values in thought
Separated from those of today
In principle that cannot be bought
Teaching in this circus of life
The Ringmaster to those in his charge
Under the Big Top of his Master
Where he stood tall and large
Still he was the boy who wanted
To live his life in the tents
Yet his love for his Master was greater
Although in his life he laments
Much over the circus he also loved as well
He is remembered in the roll call
Like the sound of the Holy Bell

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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