Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Haunted Mind"

Stars seem like glass splinters
Of the cold thickness of winter
This hollow sickness I rest
And constricting like an invisible snake
Dark longings venture forth from my chest
Leaving nothing in it's venomous wake
Dreaming the vision in darkness is what I will do
Verily I say the dream comes true
I venture from hell's death by night
It comes across time and space
Which permeates the darkened light
Under the moon this devil was conceived
The black thorn in my life
Which I acknowledged as forlorn
Understanding things only I shall witness
For this devil although he may chase
Within my own illness of noise
I increase my pace
All things become known
In that which I do embrace
This heart which seeks out
It's own bloodlust within disgrace
Woefully I search for the dark forest
Within my dreams
As this devil lurks in what seems
A past haunting within my mind
I have seen his image in what I find
For it sought out my crying soul
For all of this I must atoll
On this island of coral reefs
Within my own beliefs
He thrives within the dark lagoons
In the deaths of distant moons
Evermore shall never rise
Within its crescent this demon dies

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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