Saturday, May 5, 2007

"Blind Beggar"

A man brought me coffee
Early this morning
Also a muffin to eat
Hunger pangs overcame me
Last night I heard my stomach growl
Shadows on the brick wall
Began to scowl
They danced all evening on my brain
Refusing to refrain
Their behavior despicable
Moreso than the people on the street
Most have been kind I have come to find
Knowing that I am blind
Has probably helped in many ways
Oh I was offered shelter many times
Trouble is I feel confined
Not the way I want to die as well
I'll trade the comfort of a soft bed any day
For the crisp sound in the street
The loud bell that sounds in my mouth
People hear it who know me
Strangers hear it for what its worth
In this world of mirth
In the mire of the amusement
Their contemtible behavior is acceptable
What-without them I would never know
Where the battle lines are drawn
Between good and evil
Thankfully there is more good born
Which greets me every morn
Its boundaries unfold into my darkness
Carrying me farther than I ever dreamed

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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