Saturday, May 5, 2007


I emerge from the dark forest
Not wanting to wear out my welcome
This is done while the world slumbers
The odds are if played by the numbers
Nobody will notice my presence
When I sit upon my wall
The ladder is concealed
Otherwise it would be gone
Since I am no climber of sorts
Scaling my own wall would be a task
One that might not play itself out
Safety is the first concern
It is not the fall from the wall
It is in my journey from the darkness
Into the light
Anonimity must be maintained
Blending in with my surroundings
Remaining invisible
Inaccessibility and mum are the words
If I am not quiet I will be discovered
Human obstacles will be placed in my way
Chaos and drama will impose upon me
Preventing me from my purpose
Once deprived there is no way to regain
I have been stopped now
And must focus on the pain
Those who wish to assist
Must first learn to let the wind pass freely
Once they learn how not to touch
Possibilities abound
From below on the ground
Until then you cannot see me
In am invisible upon my wall
Until I decide to journey from light
Back into the forest of darkness for a spell
If you miss me then
It will be until the next time I journey
Once again from the inner sanctum of the forest
To once again sit upon my wall

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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