Saturday, May 5, 2007

"Hobo Blues"

I got the mainstreet hobo blues
Down there in the leaves that blow
Upon my bench once again
In that place that only I know
I'm down on my knees
Almost to the point of the
Madman's blues
Having overpaid my dues
Serves me right to suffer
On the big road going
Paychecks small in between
Walked all night long
Into the rain that is now gone
Trying to find the light
Its alright though-its alright
Been down on my knees and my luck before
Comes with the territory
I aint goin' down the road by myself
Got what's inside of me
The clothes on my back
I'm soon headed for the railroad track
Talkin' to myself
Tryin' to find somebody else
Someone named me
That's why I'm talkin' to myself
I walked-I talked to who else could it be
My dimples are cute but I'm face to face
With nobody else but me
My name is wanton wanderer
Lovin' things in my own way
I love to see the people walk
Children who play in the park
Dogs who bark
I've seen the devil in the dark
Down on my knees
Sitting on another one of my benches
Down in the lonely park
A rolling stone gathers no moss
I aint got no boss
Just me

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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