Friday, June 15, 2007

"Forlorn Vinyard"

The road at the vinyard
Naked sticks to the trellis
Staring all at once
Intrusion in the grapeless field
A quagmire is concealed below the surface
One that bogs down the mind
Crushing the spirit into depths
Far below the roots that feed
Within the earth
Symmetrical invertebrates move silently
They know not of the abandonment
Of the grapes from which fine wine flows
Or unto whose lips their flourish reaches
At the end of the road is the caretakers house
Neither do they know him
The sun is their enemy which drains
Precious moisture goes to roots that steal
Small quantities of moisture
Feeding the lifelines for grapes
Fermentation occurs even in myself
Thank you for coming when I called you
Most people would not take the time
It's usually all about them as I'm sure you know
Occasionally a centipede surfaces
But does not seem to crave my acquaintance
Verily I observe its movements
That has to be good enough for me
Pious ants may sometimes feel my shoe
Out of curiosity they may look upon the sole
Hoping to find refreshment of some sort
Carefully I move so as not to crush their abdomens
As I wait for you to appear in the rain
That begins to cleanse my mind

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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