Friday, June 15, 2007

"Keeping the Watch"

What has happened to us
We talk but you are far from me
Deep in your own self
You will not allow me in
I am your friend in all circumstances
Is it something I have said or done
Scaling the wall you have erected
Is a treacherous journey for me
But I would climb a thousand walls
Die a thousand deaths
Place a thousand kisses upon your forehead
Still you are aloof and reticent
I know it has nothing to do with vanity
But I feel as if this thing of folly must end
You will not drive me away like this
Here I will be in front of your face
Every time you look upon me
You will see my waiting eyes
I will keep the watch for you until tears
Stream down your face
You must break down and save yourself
Rest your head in my lap
I will sing to you until you are asleep
The child that is within you is calling
His voice rings in your ears
Gently I will lift your heart up
Your broken wings will be mended
The child inside of you will be heard
He will be cared for in your absence
Do not make plans to fall into the abyss
Refusal to lessen my grip will not occur
You will not fall
As you have held me up in times past
So will I hold you in the same manner
Be well and come back to me
Soon the sun will be up
As perspiration pours from me
So will our hearts pour out onto eachother
Falling sweetly into our own arms
As we rock ourselves to sleep

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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