Friday, June 15, 2007

"I Adore"

Please do me a favor will you?
Next time you speak to your folks
Thank them for me
Meeting you would never have occured;
I hardly ask much out of people
In this human race we have
So please thank them for me
You would not be the person you are
In addition to this my life would be less
The world would be deprived
Even more so I
Of that rendevous in time
Wherein our energies combined
For a moment or two
This is all greatly due...
Well,you know I smile a bit now
From that moment in time
When you became part of
This place in the human race
It was the beginning of your formation
Resulting in the culmination
Of who you are
So please thank your folks for me
And also thank you as well
This is all greatly due...
Well I guess you know the rest
For being the person you are
Without that my unknown loss would be
Counted along with the rest
Of my dreams that were dashed upon the rocks
I never take these things for granted
Cherishing these precious moments in time
You have made my heart leap
Allowing me to know that there is much
To be grateful for and to adore
So I must know will you do that for me?
Once again thank you for being in my world
And for allowing me into yours

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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