Friday, June 15, 2007

"Unbroken Spirit"

I love my dad with all my heart
When he does this I remove myself
Until its over then I return
There is no pain felt in my place
Far off in a peaceful setting
Where I remember as a girl
When dad would ride me on his back
Tickling me on the grass
How we would laugh without a care
Back then it was a family affair
Bitterness began with mom's demise
It was like being placed in a vise
Squeezed he eased his pain with strong drink
Until he was unable to think
Still those tears flowed
More than he could sanely bare
My older brother could not share
For blame and guilt in disrepair
Soon he was departed to another road
I was left to bear the load
It doesn't happen often and I know
It is only so because of his pain
Not meaning to hurt me in his overflow
In pain he strikes out at his ghosts
If I remove him from the space
Then his act upon me seems undone
I pretend it's self infliction
There is nothing to forgive
Appearing as a colorless image
He is unaware-not really there
His actions are nullified therefore
It is my father whom I dearly adore
This mark upon my face which I abhor
Is not the handiwork of any man
Colorless he is in the space
Invisible is the force of the blow of the hand
Were my dad really here
He would protect me - this I know

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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