Friday, June 15, 2007

"To and Fro"

Do not compare me to the dove
Rest upon the sole of my foot
Obtained upon any floating thing
Whether it be tree or cattle
It is impossible for me to cleave
Unto any living man's breast
Going forth to and fro upon the earth
Until the waters are dried up
Since the days of Noah
When the dove hath returned
Olive branch in beak
I feasted upon the carcasses
Therefore the need to return
Was only in the blazing sun
Which continued to mercilessly burn
It's cruel rays of heat upon my back
Thriving in the misfortune
Without companionship of the maggot
I was filled to the brim
Sitting upon this perch to observe
A city in slumber like the dove
It needs a resting place to survive
Yet I need none
In the distance are monuments
Built for dead kings
Who knew nothing of these things
They would be carrion
Upon that flooding brooding sea
Eyes from which had seen
Would be taken clean
With no regard for Pleiades
I am Atlas while the dove is Orion
The lost one hides in grief and shame
From I who has no spoken name

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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