Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Determined men in hostile skies
Lefty Lestz in the B-25
A highly decorated war hero
Of which I never knew
Shithouse Mouse was the name of his bird
That flew those fearsome skies
The flying fortress spewing death
As into the clouds it would rise
Well meaning men who had different lives
Lefty played ball for the White Sox
Until came the call for war
He never imagined what was ahead
Fighting the Afrika Corps
The exposure to death and destruction
Had great effect on his mind
Taking him to places of terror
From which he would never find
The peace he had known from times past
A haunt on his patterns of thought
Downed with malaria-sent packing home
All of the work he had wrought
Unable to return to his love of baseball
His greatest joy in life
Taking on other meaningful work
Attempting to alleviate his strife
Still the B-25 haunted his dreams
Many a night waking up to his screams
With his mind injured beyond repair
Only he knew of his own despair
A fatality of those events
The mortal wound chronic in form
Two decades later it struck out
There was no quell within the storm
For the haunts to stop
To end the strife
Finally succumbing to the ending of life
On the lonely shores of the cruel lake
The final spark of him it would take
I used to play with his medals as a child
Pinning his stars to my shoulder
In remembrance of the look upon his face
His stare out into space
He remembered his comrades who molder
Finally hell fire rests
In a thing long past due
Rest in Peace Lefty Lestz
The man in the B-25

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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