Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Tater House Blues"

Sing to the walls though they be crumblin'
Though they be peelin' mighty too
What's this thing that I'm feelin'
They call it the tater house blues
I got the blues inside of me a hollerin'
Nobody can know of the pain
Listen to my guitar a playin'
I'm a singin' in the Alabama rain
Water keeps risin' by the river
No cotton crops this year
My mammy keeps a crying
She's got taters in the house
But no way to see herself clear
She's got the tater house blues
The tater house blues
I'm a playing her a song
About the tater house blues
There's no stoppin' her from cryin'
O'er the tater house blues
No cotton in the fields
No work for our mule
Nobody is a dancin'
They got the tater house blues
We're gonna dig and be dug
Until we pay our dues
There's no stoppin' this Alabama rain
It brings with it all of the pain
Work from the time the sun rises high
Until it sets-we surely won't die
Woe is me to that earful of news
Everybody's got the tater house blues

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved
© Lyrics copyright-May 21,1971 (original)

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