Tuesday, May 22, 2007


On midnight winds I appear
Fear not my intentions are not to harm
Life ended quite abruptly for me
Before my chances to love came
Virginity will forever be mine
I have only kissed the wind
Longing to feel warmth in this cold
Ascending momentarily hoping
To touch upon a human heart
A voice heard from afar
Is in itself enough to bring me comfort
Might I sleep with the sound of a voice
Echoing sweetly in my ear
Bringing me solace in replacement
Of those days in which I lived
I were as if unripened fruit
Upon a tree waiting for my season
In which to bloom in natures glory
Yet that season did not come
As winter is in pristine sterility
Such as it were my blooming
Never saw fruition in the bearing of seeds
The song of the bird was taken
But its wings never took proper flight
In its nesting the laid eggs never hatched
Deprivation of incubation occured
Much as in my own vision was blurred
The taste of honey in the air is in my mind
There it shall remain
I still hold true to my faith of creation
Look for me on these nights
Of midnight winds
Knowing my true intentions
If I were to appear please feel free
Acknowldge me if you will
You will not be dissapointed by my abandonment
I will not abandon thee
You will find yourself looking for me
When midnight winds are blowing softly
Only then shall I place my tears into your hands

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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