Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Tall in the Fields"

I have laid in this field many times
Staring blankly up into the sky
My eyes pierce the linings of clouds
There are no stars beyond them
In this endless sky that toils
Under a sun that blazes
In fields of silent wheat
I am hidden from the world
Probing eyes that would engulf
Searching but you will not find me
Smiling beyond your sight
Under your shoes is fresh soil
But it leads you not to the path
Where I have walked before your arrival
Tardiness is not becoming of you
Therefore you were abandoned by me
I did not wait for you very long
The call of the voice hearkened unto my ear
Whilst I hid myself in the welcoming fields
Nearby the place where I dwell
I can see my good farm in the distance
My dog waits for me by the roadside
He knows I am near but still far away
Yet he is faithful to my presence
With a glad hearts he awaits
Knowing my time in the fields
Is not a form of abandonment
But rather it is a sharing of myself
With the other elements that abound
All part of the oneness in being
Of which all parts formed together
Equal the mass of more than one
He knows I will fill my chair in good time
That I will come to him from the fields of wheat
He will see my face rise up from the place
Where once stood stalks of corn
He understands
That this is the season of the cutworms
The hollow sound of the bark upon trees
Hearken the coming of premature turning of the leaves
Faded grasshoppers with torn wings trudge on
The monarch butterfly slowly dies upon the dew
A songbird rises up early in the morning
It is seen to take flight across the fields
He does not return until the setting of the sun
When the moon begins to rise
It is the song of songs unlike any unto an ear
Has been heard at any other time
This is the language that relies on harmony
It is the voice that hides in the fields
Within the trees and upon the tree tops
It is in the hearts of birds and even the bats
As well it is in the heart of my dog who awaits me
He knows I am in the field of wheat
When he sees my face he will shake his limbs
In anticipation as I am seen from off afar
The distance is irrelevant in time
The language between us fills the gap
As though we were already side by side
I am coming to him but am already there
Steadfast as I forage homeward bound
The sound of the railroad train is behind me
That track which I once traveled and spied
Across these very fields and I saw
The place where I would one day be
Then it was made true
All these things imagined before they were seen
It is no suprise to me at all
For I knew my place before I was ever there
The fields in which I lay spoke to me long ago
As I passed by on the tracks quickly
And heard them speak

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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