Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Haunted Sleep"

You once told me I haunted your dreams
Do I haunt you soul as well
Release me from my prison within the rain
Allow me to rest in the warmth of your folds
Let your sweet juices engulf me tenderly
Wrap your hair around my neck and over my face
Let me sleep upon your back with gentle kindness
Holding your hands within mine
Let us listen to eachother breathe
In the night air I will sleep softly
You will make it a sweet slumber for me
We will sleep through the days and nights
The rain pelting upon our rooftop
It only makes us want to sleep longer into the days
So that we may own the nights together
How long can you keep from me
We haunt eachothers dreams
Our souls are haunted endlessly
You go to work everyday
But I am your work
You know the miles that separate us
Mere milestones that appear along the winding path
Distance is only a metaphor
We cannot hide from outselves forever
The warmth of my sun is hidden from me
Clouds prevent it from making its appearance
It is cold without its rays upon me
Blankly staring into the ice
I wait for my sun to shine down
You are my sun
Releasing me from my prison within the rain

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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