Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Inner Sight"

Although my appearance
Comes to you as a blind man
Those who seek me upon
Solid terra firma
My sight extends beyond
Such distances that most
Would care to understand
In this darkness
There is more peace than lonliness
The bright light is at my side
And within me as well
A lantern in likeness to a beacon
One that steers lost ships
From fog filled cliffs
That clutter the shores of ones mind
The crossings are a leap of faith
Therefore I have no real fear of it
Since darkness rules the abyss
Of which there is no ending
My plunge is validated
By hands which search for me
They touch my mind as if braille
Read by the passing of my fingers
When you reach out a hand is there
Although it is dark and unseen
Rest assured it is there
The stumbling block is intentional
It is there to cause the chaff to flee
One pass through the darkness
Light awaits on the other side
This is how I manage to have sight
The fog clears away
You can find it in my music if you listen
Find me on the street corners
With my accordion I play the melody for you
Act quickly notes only hang in the air for so long

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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ShanaRose said...

I like the ideas in this poem Moses. Thanks for linking to me!